Monday, January 21, 2013

"WHY ME? "

I know what you did to me.
I know how many times you've lied.
I know how many times you've cheated.
And I know how many times I've asked WHY?

Why would you do this,
Is what I've asked so many times,
Unfortunately for me, NO ANSWER comes to mind.
Is there even an answer?

If so, will I ever know?
Why did you hurt me so bad??
And keep hurting me by not showing.

Not showing that you care,
Not showing that you love me.
Seeing how much you hurt me,
How easy that it seemed.

I got out my razor,
Started to cut, started to bleed,
Started to CRY,and started to SCREAM.

WHY ME??? :'(

My friends say to MOVE ON after you blew through,
But the truth is I just can't to bring myself to let go of you.
I know I need to let go of you,
But I don't know if I can.

You left me a whole in my heart,
Where you should have been,
I need you know more than ever to hold you forever.
But now, I realize how much you destroyed,

Tearing down all my dreams,
Telling me your very fake lies. :(

Now, you know why I'm trying to MOVE ON from you,
And repatch my BROKEN HEART. :'(

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