Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I was much popular in my college as a great flutter. It was very easy to cheat a girl for me. All the girls were knew my nature, then they wanted to be friends of my. I never took seriously a single girl. They were just a time passed for me. Girls had no a special place in my life, they were just beautiful foolish. It was not happened ever that i requested to a girl for friendship, they also became mad to join me. I never felt guilty upon my act.

But when i decided to cheat Niya, it changed my life. After that i never cheated to any girl. Niya was beautiful but so simple girl. She was lost in her studies all the time. She stayed away from the boys. She did not like to be friend of a boy.

One day my friends challenged me to impress Niya. I said, it is not difficult for me, she is a simple girl. I can impress her easily. So, i accepted their challenge and started my mission. She was sitting alone in a lawn. I also sat there. She did not take any notice. Then i addressed to her, she startled. I asked her name. She replied very politely, my name is Niya Ali. Then i started to chat with her. She was confused but did not hesitate to talk with me. When she opened her mouth to speak, i felt a sweet sound in my ears. Her beautiful brown eyes impressed me more. I forgot my mission.

Now we met daily and she talked me all the time. She missed her classes for me. I became more important for her than her studies. I was also confused, what was happened with me. I felt happy in her company.
One day she invited me at her home. When i reached, i was surprised to see that she did not invited anyone except me. She has arranged my birthday party. I have forgot my birthday but she remembered. She wants to give me a surprise. To see all, i wanted to tell her that i was cheating her and made her fool.

She kept my hand in her hands and said, I Love you Ayed. I was much surprised. I could not say something, just listened. She said, she liked me from the first day of college but could not showed her feelings. She was afraid of his refusal.

I also accepted that i love her. She is the happiness of my life. I forgot to cheat the girls. Her beautiful character changed my life. We decided to be married after completing our studies.
Now we are living a happy life. She is my beautiful wife and my life.