Wednesday, January 23, 2013


When I told you that I LIKED YOU,
You told me, "I don't feel the same way.."
I was okay with it,
But then I saw your face again.

I feel IN LOVE,  then you said to me,"I LOVE YOU"
It was the BEST DAY of my life,
Just by being with you,
You told me very one that you are inlove with me.
All I said was I LOVE YOU TOO,

But now, it's doesn't matter.
It was all LIES.
Now, you have a girlfriend.
I cried so much for you..

I asked you,
"Why would you ask someone out, if you loved me so much.."
Then you said in pride,
"I didn't liked you that much in that way.."

I sat in a dark room, crying over you.
Wishing that I didn't meet you.
I cut myself for you.

And guess what I said" I LOVE YOU"
I told the people that cared about me,
They told me to forget about you,
And don't think of him.

Then I said with a tear running down my face,
"he was the ONLY thing I thought about."
I never see your face again.
But I know it's a small world,

I just have to let go of you and move on.
It's going to be hard,
But I just have to,

Coz I know there is someone out there,
Looking for me
And all I wanna do is find them
And be with them.

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