Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He Never Calls

How come he doesn't like calling or talking on the phone? He says he likes me and that he doesn't want to break up, but the only time we really talk is when we are face-to-face. I think he is pulling away from me. Am I wrong? What should I do? 

Some guys are just like that. You may also find that some guys will be really phone happy at first and then as they settle into a relationship they will stop calling. It really doesn't mean that they have lost interest, it is (to risk a cliché) a "guy thing."

Mind you, if you feel there is something deeper going on why not ask him? I think that the honest approach is the best one. Just say, "I was wondering , why don't you ever talk to me on the phone?". Could be that he doesn't get much privacy in making his calls or that his parents have a strict limit on the amount of time he can spend on the phone.

If he is trying to send out break-up signals, the only way you will know for sure is to ask. I know it sucks, but if he has resorted to avoidance in an effort to show you he wants out, he isn't likely to be the first one to bring up the subject of ending the relationship.

If everything seems cool when you are face to face I wouldn't worry too much. I think you should just ask him, "What is up with the phone phobia?"