Monday, January 14, 2013


Recovery after a break up is never easy. There will be highs and lows but you will surely move on. Initially everyone feels that this is it, you cannot go one anymore, but soon the phase will pass. Grief, Resentment, Despair, a feeling of Betrayal and Abondonment are some of the emotions that we all go through, especially if the relationship has ended on, a sour note. HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO MEND THAT BROKEN HEART.

1) Most people are in denial after a break up. They don't want to admit that it is over because the pain is too intense. But the sooner you accept it, the faster will be the healing process. It is okay to CRY and vent out your EMOTIONS but then you have to face the reality and move on.

2) You have to practice SELF-CONTROL. Do not sms your boy friend, sending him blank message or message like "I MISS YOU." It will hurt you even more when he doesn't respond back.

3) Prepare yourself for the FUTURE. Be POSITIVE and REASSURE yourself that whatever happens is for the best. You know that you deserve better, so don't brood or sulk. Read an interesting book to distract your mind, watch fun movies, listen to spiritual chants and relay the mind, body and soul.

4) Throw away any memories that remind you of your boyfriend. They will only make you dwell in the past. When he doesn't exist in your life so why should the things be around you?

5) Confide in family and friends. Their support will help you through this or deal.

6) Stop thinking about him and what he would be doing at this time. Avoid going to the places where you both used to sit, chat, hangout. It will only bring back old times memories that have NO MEANING NOW. Go to new places, learn something ne and enrich your life.

7) Change your apprearance. Don't look haggard and depressed to the world. Get a new wardrobe, change your hairstyle, visit a spa and look stylish. The NEW YOU will reflect your mind set as well.

8) Avoid jumping into relationship after a break up. It may give you a new high, but it may not always work. Instead, it may make you even more depressed. Enjoy good friendship but don't get emotionally attached at an early stage.

9) Avoid being BITTER and NEGATIVE. The angry and loathe should slowly be removed otherwise it comes out unconsciously when you are dealing with people in the future.

10) Life is TOO SHORT so you have to move on to enjoy the rest of it. The one who left you, don't deserve you slowly should you feel bad. He is the one who couldn't see the gem that he lost. One day, when he does, he will repent because you have moved to a better world.

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